Hello Angular 2

Hello! 👋🏾

I’m Ire, a User Interface Designer and Front-End Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

A few weeks ago, the Final Release of Angular 2.0 was finally released!

Angular 2 has had a pretty bad rap for being so drastically different to Angular 1, it’s essentially like learning a whole new framework.

In my time trying to get to grips with Angular 2, my main frustration has been the lack of accurate resources I can rely on. This has partly been due to the fact that it has been in beta so many (breaking) changes have occurred over a short period of time. But also, it’s basically a brand new framework, so everyone is still learning it too.

Thus, Hello Angular is born.

Myself (and hopefully some contributors) will provide content on developing applications with Angular 2. We will cover everything from TypeScript, IDEs, the Angular CLI, and, of course, the framework itself.

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